Monday, April 28, 2014

April's Gifts

Counting His blessings...

2001) time chatting with my eldest on the daily drive to and from work
2002) thankful for our youngest's easy to use curriculum
2003) my sister surprising me and arriving two days early for an overnight stay
2004) Easter egg hunt with 3 exuberant teens
2005) family taking up a whole row at a beautiful Good Friday worship and communion service
2006) coffee and hot cross buns with family
2007) my own white Easter eggs, my favorite!
2008) my kiddos arriving safely at camp for the long weekend
2009) much needed restorative sleep
2010) honey from my sister's beehives
2011) my sister , here again with her hubby
2012) His grace by which I live and breathe
2013) my heart stilled by His Word
2014) Easter Sunday at my Dad
2015) happy teens safe and sound, home from camp
2016) my sister and her hubby cooking dinner for us
2017) perfect autumn weather
2018) pocket money for sitting as a portrait model in my Dad's art studio

2019) Proteas picked from my dad's garden, now gracing my coffee table
2020) coffee with hubby
2021) celebrating my precious nephew's 3rd birthday
2022) my sister delivering flowers to my far away Mum from me

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