Sunday, April 27, 2014

Weekly Wrap-Up: Another Short Week

The weather over the last week has been perfect.... Cape Autumn weather.
 Glorious crisp days with sunshine and no wind. Easter Sunday's service was wonderful. 
And Easter Sunday afternoon was spent doing what most South African enjoy....

.....a hearty braai at my dad's place.

Family together,  good food, 

 perfect weather and magnificent views. 

Monday, a public holiday, came with excitement as the two kiddos were coming home from camp. Exhausted, happy and needing a shower, they arrived home safely.
Tuesday it was back to school . The short school week was filled with planning, moving forward in leaps and bounds in math and Afrikaans for Keren and daily assignments for Zak. He is enjoying learning about Ancient China and finished his first big essay assignment. There was a home school ice skating outing,  crochet club, connect group and art.

Keren is exploring Expressionism at art class this term.

My sister and her husband spent another evening here with us and they blessed me by cooking dinner that night. My niece was in and out the house daily as the girls are house sitting so Keren is dropped off every morning and collected every evening.
On Friday evening Zak enjoyed a friend's birthday party at the movies, Spiderman 2. Keren was MC at youth and Josh enjoyed having a bunch of friends over for a burger evening.

Yesterday Keren and I enjoyed a morning at my Dad's art studio.
 I was the model and four artists began portraits of me. 

It was fun to see their individual works at the end of the morning. 

We also got to meet the sweet, not yet 24 hour old, baby alpaca. 

She is yet to be named.

Today in SA, it is Freedom Day. 
20 years since the first democratic elections!
I can hardly believe they have flown by so fast.

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