Sunday, April 13, 2014

Weekly Wrap-Up: The Big One

The week was full and busy with school starting again. The weather was usually warm for this time of year and Keren and I kick-started the week with a lovey walk on Monday morning. We also attended a free fit club session on Tuesday evening. A great work out that left my muscles sore for two days!
The kids had a great attitude about starting the second school term and Zak kept on track with his daily online assignments while Keren plowed through her work at a steady pace. Crochet group and art classes started again. 
Josh was home most of the week as he was sick. I too ended up getting rather sick and there was a trip to the doctor for antibiotics for me and a sick certificate for him. Despite the fact he was sick, it was rather nice to have him around the house again.

As infants we dedicated our children to the Lord, believing as parents that when they were ready to, and in the full knowledge of what baptism meant, they would have a believers baptism. 

Last Sunday Zak was baptized. We are so thankful that he chose to be baptized of his own accord and it was wonderful  to hear him give his testimony. Specially wonderful to hear him speak of the  sisterly love, input and influence that Keren has had over his life in helping him come to this decision. 

On Friday evening we attended the Chaeli Campaign annual graduation ceremony for Pay-It-Forward Ambassadors and Mentors for 2013-2014. Zak has been a mentor to the ambassadors over the last year and has grown and gained much from his experience.

2013-2014 Ambassadors and Mentors

Topics covered over the year were telling and appreciating his story; successful introductions; networking; his world - the global village; the world created by the media; the world he wants for his children; promotion of social development; volunteerism and promotion of Chaeli Campaign events; business plans, basic marketing and PR; growing his own project. 

Zak and Chaeli.

Last night Josh suited up for his girlfriend's matric dance.

 She looked beautiful in the dress her mum made for her. 

The glamorous girls and their partners were taken by bus to an unknown destination.

It turned out to be the Lord Charles Hotel in Somerset West. 

I think his hair may just be longer than hers!

And I think she was the only girl who was bare foot too!

They enjoyed a wonderful evening of dining and dancing.

I look forward to a short and quieter week this week, and the upcoming Easter long weekend. Especially good as my sister and her hubby will be visiting!


  1. I love to see young people baptized. It's a blessing to have your son make that decision and give testimony of it. The dance sounds like it was fun!

    1. Truly a blessing! They had a great time at the dance.

  2. What a special week. Love the dance photos.

  3. Congratulations on Zak's Baptism Wendy and Eric (and Zak of course LOL). Love the dance photo's - can't believe how long Josh's hair is!

    1. Thanks Shirls. Yes, his hair is really long! I think he has the best hair in the family lol!


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