Monday, May 5, 2014

May's Multitudes

Thanks giving becomes thanks living....

2023) beautiful, near perfect autumn weather
2024) perfume , a free gift
2025) products to use and enjoy from Home Tester
2026) connect group friends
2027) time with my eldest son, laughs, brunch and chatter
2028) message of love from my dear sister
2029) evening with my sweet friend
2030) treated to take out after a long day
2031) moonlit seaside walk with hubby
2032) time at my Dad's place
2033) all my teens home 
2034) gift before 9 a.m.....a Sunday morning lie in
2035) new friends made at church
2036) long distance Sunday chats with my much missed Mum
2037) a gift tasted....delicious seafood paella prepared by hubby for dinner
2038) a gift in a gorgeous chubby cheeked nephew's smiles and kisses today


  1. Family times are the best. Three teens at home is a miracle!

  2. Autumn must be in the southern hemisphere! We are in spring weather right now...waiting for summer. Love your list!

  3. Hi Wendy,

    Hopping over from Ann's link up and excited about the seaside walk -- how romantic!-- and reminded again of the wisdom behind the line "Thanks giving becomes thanks living...." So true, huh?

    Jennifer Dougan


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