Sunday, May 18, 2014

Weekly Wrap-Up: Full and Fabulous

The week began with Mother's Day last Sunday. 
I was blessed with lovely gifts from the children, heartwarming cards, a wonderful voucher from hubby and the promise of tea out with Keren.

Beautifully crafted pot-stand made by Zak.

 We enjoyed church, a visit to hubby's parents and then a movie. Heaven Is for Real is based on the true story of Colton Burpo , a four year old from Nebraska , who says he experienced heaven during emergency surgery. A beautiful movie.
 On Sunday evening hubby treated me to a night off in the kitchen and made his famous paella. It certainly was a wonderful day and a great start to the new week.

On Monday Keren went to her second Afrikaans lesson with her new tutor. She is finding the lessons helpful and we hope the results will be good. This same tutor managed to help Josh get an A for Afrikaans in his Cambridge exams.
Our little nephew/ cousin spent the afternoon with us, always a joy to have him here. He dozed off on the couch as I read aloud to Zak and spent much of the afternoon asleep after his busy morning at school. 
In the evening Zak and Keren learned much at an Anti Bullying and Self Defense Workshop. 

Zak returned to basketball on Tuesday evening. The coaches are hoping to establish a new junior team to play in the Hurricanes club league.
On Wednesday evening we all attended a Mini Bible School at church with a guest speaker and dinner of soup and rolls.

The kitchen was a hive of activity on Thursday evening as the youth connect group took over and made pizzas for Friday night's International Food Fair. Proceeds from the food fair go to supporting church planting, Bible translation and support of missionaries beyond our church walls. 
The food fair was wonderful and we got to taste all sorts of yummy dishes from Cuban food to Italian, Indian, South African and may more!

Despite the busy evenings we had a great school week  and Zak and I are enjoying discovering China, ancient and modern. Kids of Courage has great books on different countries, available as free downloads. We are reading Bold Believers in China.

In Science he is still learning about the human body and he made a simple lung model

Keren finally completed the pencil drawing that has consumed her for many hours.
 It all began with photographing the neighborhood weeks ago....

I love the quality of this work of hers and enjoyed hearing her analysis of it too. 

Despite her very heavy school work load and numerous art essays due this week, she began blogging again. I enjoy her writing enormously. Her blog is called "no turning back".

We enjoyed Mom and daughter time out yesterday with a group of wonderful ladies from our church. The morning was spent being creative at the Clay Cafe. Neither Keren nor I have visited there before but we certainly plan to return! 

Her work was intricate and beautiful!

I chose the simple way out by doing a stenciled design on my platter. 

We look forward to seeing our items once they are fired.

So a full but fabulous week, how was yours?

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