Sunday, May 25, 2014

Weekly Wrap-Up: The one with a taste of China and a new driver!

"Homeschooling is merely one way to wander through the years - a rich, layered, intimate way..." Julie, Brave Writer

And so we have wandered through another rich and layered week....

Cousins big and small visiting, 
crochet club, 
basketball clinic, 
walk 4 life,
extra lessons, 
new stories while snuggled on the couch, 
new and not always easy concepts wrestled with, 
school at the desk on the couch or even in a warm bed, 
formal letter writing, 
assignment writing, 
art lessons, 
connect group, 
and a morning off for a birthday celebration with yummy cake and more!

Some highlights...

A delicious Chinese meal prepared by Zak.

Virtual heart surgery with stem cells (go on, click the link and give it a bash).

Meeting the just born baby Alpaca at my Dad's place.

Seeing the portrait of me that my daughter is painting come along beautifully,

and.....drum roll...

our oldest son passing his driver's license!

I hope your week was rich too...

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