Monday, May 19, 2014

Thanks Living

I love the verse on my calendar for May and am thankful for this beautiful truth from His word...

2039) " Don't be afraid; you are more valuable to God than a whole flock of sparrows." 
Mathew 10:31

2040) connect group conversations 
2041) honey, a gift from my neighbor's hive
2042) powerful prayers bringing peace
2043) blessed, loved and spoiled by my family on Mother's day
2044) beautiful messages from my Mum on Mother's day
2045) fun family outing
2046) hubby preparing a delicious paella, a night off for me
2047) my Mum, always faithfully keeping us in her prayers,
always encouraging and always ready to listen
2048) my sweet nephew's "nose kisses"
2049) best ever coffee made regularly for me by my oldest
2050) silly laughter and fun with my younger two
2051) coffee with a caring friend
2052) an encouraging book lent to me
2053) bowls of steaming soup on a cold rainy evening
2054) autumn sunshine and a Sunday family braai
2055) carefree creative morning spent with my girl
2056) girl cousins and their beautiful sister-like bond
2057) a burst tire but unharmed teens
2058) His beautiful message of forgiveness
2059) pizza evening with new and old neighbors
2060) evening walk with my girl
2061) productive school days


  1. Some really good stuff there. xxx

  2. Hi Wendy, it's nice to meet you, and what a lovely list. I especially love the verse - and what a perfect picture. So neat. Blessings.


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