Saturday, May 31, 2014

Weekly Wrap-Up: The one with yummy treats

The week started with beautiful weather and an early morning walk with walk 4 life for me on Monday. I had good intentions of getting in more walks but unfortunately didn't make it the rest of the week. Next week is another week...

Here's some of what we've been up to...

Zak and hubby made a simple trellis for my newly planted granadilla bush. I am hoping it will grow quickly and cover the bare back wall.

The weather turned really cold later this week and we lit the first of many fires for the season. 
Jambo and Zak enjoyed warming themselves while I read aloud. 

The school week went on as usual despite the fact that Zak was not feeling great. We kept a steady pace and finished off our unit on China and did lots of reading. In science he is now learning about the central nervous system.

Keren kept up with her weekly deadlines and spent much time studying for next weeks art theory exam. We received her practical assignments for consumer studies which she couldn't wait to begin! This brought back fond memories of my days in high school, studying home economics. I always felt proud to bring home tasty treats for my family to enjoy.

She made a delicious yeast bread as her first assignment. 
Her brothers declared it the best ever bread! 
Nothing nicer than hot bread with lashings of butter!

The second assignment proved to be delicious too! 
Doughnuts made from scratch with glace icing! 
Simply scrumptious!

Josh has been working as usual but also doing a lot of driving now that he has his licence. He took my car into work on one day (in the rainy weather) and on others the driver at work was off sick , so he got to do deliveries all over the show for two days. He also got to drive his boss to the airport in the boss's new car. I am thankful that he has been safe all week and that he is confident behind the wheel. It is rather a strange feeling to feel so concerned for his safety on a daily basis. But I suppose that is a mamma's prerogative....

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