Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Monthly 9 November and December 2014

Better late than never so here goes the monthly 9 post for the last two months of last year. They were months filled with the busyness of wrapping up the school year and precious moments with loved ones on my sister's far away farm.

Before leaving for the farm I tried out some new chicken recipes.
 Chicken lasagna became a firm favorite as well as home made chicken pies.

On the farm we were well nourished by my dear sister and her husband. 
Freshly baked croissants; pickles, jams and preserves; home made muesli; milk, butter, yogurt, sorbet and cheeses all made right in her kitchen.  Fresh veg just picked before each meal made it to our plates. The beef we ate was raised right there too. 

I harvested my beetroot patch and made a delicious beetroot and apple chutney. 

I raided my cupboard for clothes that were a little too snug and passed them onto my dear sister. I am pleased they fit her beautifully yet a little sad they don't fit me anymore. I am inspired to get back into a good exercise routine to shed the unwanted kilos. 

Before leaving for the farm hubby got me wheelbarrows of compost from our heap. 
The beds and pots were well dressed. 

We have enjoyed red and green peppers, beans, beetroot, carrots, zucchini. herbs and tomatoes from the garden. My nephew was delighted to help me pull a bunch of carrots out that he could take home. I am a little disappointed by the garden this summer as it doesn't seem to have produced as much a previous summers. 

I knitted a couple of slouch beanies as Christmas gifts and despite the fact it is summer now, the recipients were pleased with them
15 little bunnies were knitted for an order. Though time consuming and finicky, it was great to be paid for the work. 

I enjoyed knitting this scarf as a gift for my Mum. 

The bamboo cotton was wonderful to work with.

My friend taught me how to make mosaic and beaded fridge magnets.
This mirror was another Christmas gift 

and the tray a belated birthday gift for my sister. 

I helped a dear friend with a mosaic project for a local school.

My daughter, Mum, sister and I spent a day discovering the art galleries in Clarens.
 A wonderful time of exploration!

There was so much to enjoy over these festive months. My sister visited from the farm before we all descended on the farm. We enjoyed socializing with mutual friends and her daughter's year end photography exhibition. She and I also enjoyed a night away together at my Dad's place, always relaxing and enjoyable.

We celebrated Thanksgiving with a family dinner, a wonderful evening together. 
Hubby and I enjoyed a day out with friends at Dusty Rebels and the Bombshells. My birthday treat to him.
My birthday celebrations in December were really special and my sweet family and friends spoiled me with all sorts of wonderful gifts.
Christmas Carols with friends and family was wonderful.
Two weeks spent on the far away farm surrounded by family (3 generations) made for precious memories.

 My Mum's surprise birthday dinner was a night to remember. 
All in all a time of precious memory making moments.


  1. I love your mosiacs they are lovely, I hope they were well received :) You are right that this the time of year for precious memory making moments.

  2. There is so much enjoyment from homemade and homegrown food. Sounds like a great month. I love the scarf for your mum and the mosaics!

  3. Lovely post, the mosaics are just beautiful! I like that scarf pattern as well, glad you had a family filled holiday time - that is the best isn't it?

    1. Thanks Kathy, yes it was wonderful thank you!

  4. Your mosaics are very beautiful made, clever you! And I also love the very realistic paintings you have in your header…one day I hope to paint that well.
    Thanks for sharing your very productive month - its always nice to see what others are getting up to!

    1. Thanks Evi. Those are my daughter's art works.


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