Monday, January 26, 2015

Monday's Multitudes

Despite a real and deep sadness, this past week has been a precious time of connecting with friends and family. So much to be grateful for.

kids enjoying our pool now that it's blue again
ice cream pancakes shared with friends
friends and good hearty laughter
sweet friend treating us to take out
good first day back at the school books
morning walks with my girl
summer evening dinners outdoors
watching my cute nephew and kids enjoy an evening swim
relaxed afternoon outdoors, catching up with girlfriends in the shade of the pines
hubby making dinner when I was feeling overwhelmed
power outage which meant I had time on my hands to be creative
my first swim for the season
braai with dear friends
my brother's calls

perfect weather, perfect views,
 perfect Sunday enjoyed with precious friends

time spent with our son
relaxing pedicure, a birthday treat
hope in Him


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