Saturday, January 31, 2015

Weekly Wrap-Up: The One Where Work Began

My this week flew by in flurry of activity! With the beautiful weather it still feels like summer holidays and it is an adjustment getting back into the routine of term term but the kids are managing well. Thankfully the pool is up and running and a splash can be taken anytime between lessons. 

Monday was box day for Keren and she was most excited to finally receive her text books for her final year of school. 

Keren was a hair model on Monday and she really can pull off the new blue hair!

 I love that she has the freedom to have whatever hair color she wishes and is not restricted by school rules. I got enjoy one of my birthday gifts, a pedicure, while she was having her hair done.
Her first art lesson for the year took place on Monday afternoon and Monday night was the start of a 4 week fit club challenge that she and I joined. We are hoping to increase fitness and it will a bonus if we shed a couple of kilos too.

Zak decided he wasn't happy with online schooling anymore so we have put together our own curriculum. He is thoroughly enjoying working with books again. He and I have more interaction which is enjoyable. His favorite subject seems to be technology at the moment. I treasure the moments that we spend working together as I know that all too soon these school days will be gone. 

Wednesday and Friday early morning walks for me, and runs for Keren, with Walk for Life got the blood pumping before we hit the books. 
On Thursday I started working with a dear friend in her mosaic business. It was gorgeous day and we did repairs at a beautiful B&B over looking the sea. While there, we met some of the guests and today I spent the day taking them on a mini tour of the peninsula.

A truly magnificent day to be a tourist in Cape Town!

Weekly Wrap-Up


  1. Ooh. A tourist in Cape Town sounds wonderful. Beautiful view. Last year of school! I know she's excited.

    1. Can't believe she will be our second home school graduate!


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