Monday, July 20, 2015

Weekly Wrap-Up: Last Week of Holidays

The last week of holidays has been relaxing despite the fact that the older two have been rather sick. The weather has been really wintry and evenings have been spent around a cozy fire. Home cooked meals have been hearty and Keren has made us a few delicious puds. I am sure the kilos are piling on! I love the fact that she enjoys baking and cooking even when she is doing it for fun and not just for practicals that she has to do. 

Early in the week I enjoyed spending time at the church holiday club and observing all the fun going on there... I wished there was a holiday club for adults too! Keren had a slot where she had to teach the kids a bible verse. It was wonderful to see her enjoying teaching the little ones. 
She spent three days at a youth conference too so we saw very little of her this past week.

Zak and I had some fun with friends and enjoyed getting out to the botanical gardens to picnic and to see the dinosaur exhibition. 

Another day a friend treated us to lunch out at the seaside. Despite the cold, we enjoyed ice creams and a stroll along the beach front.

I sent all my recent knits to the Zoe project and have had fun knitting beanies for some of Keren's friends as well as this little beanie and booties for the newborn son of the the boy who was page boy at our wedding!

The holidays have been great and we are ready to face the third term...

Weekly Wrap-Up

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  1. Great list. Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday.


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