Thursday, June 16, 2011

Super soup!

Winter is really here and the temperatures have dropped. The fire burns to keep us cosy and we sip mugs of hot coffee or hot chocolate. Blankets keep us warm as we get through the last of our work before the upcoming school holiday. We are tired and want to be done with the terms work but have chosen to push through and finish well instead of going on holiday knowing that the work was not completed.
Food is a comfort on these chilly days and we all seem to be hungrier than usual. Pots of soup provide healthy nourishment to our bodies and fill the hungry tummies. I usually make lentil and veg soup or chicken soup but the favourite is butternut soup!

This week I experimented with my usual recipe and the result was superb! The basic recipe calls for the following:

1kg butternut
1 onion
1 or 2 sweet potatoes
2 cups chicken stock
1 cup lentils
1 apple

The apple and the lentils help to lower the gi of the soup. I put it all into the pressure cooker and it is done super fast. This week I added 2 teaspoons of curry powder, a fresh chili from the garden and the juice of 2 oranges as well as a dash of cinnamon. Once cooked, I blended it and put it back into the pot with a swirl of Bulgarian yogurt.

I served it with some fresh coriander and crumbled feta cheese. I think it is one of my best buttenut soups and I will make this way from now on.


  1. That looks delicious, especially with the feta topping. Remember the biltong on the butternut soup at Deb's wedding.

  2. oh yes that was really good!


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