Friday, April 10, 2009

2 Oceans Marathon

8km mark and still going strong.

My plans to have a lie in were dashed this morning as we were awoken by hovering helicopters,filming the runners in the 2 Oceans Marathon. Z and I jumped out of bed and walked up to the main road to watch the marathon runners go by. I love the sound of all those feet pummelling the tar. There were a number of supporters still clad in gowns and pyjamas. (I had hastily pulled on some clothes.) The sounds of cheering and vuvuzelas spurred the runners on.

The Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon has earned a reputation as the world’s most beautiful marathon. It is 40 years old this year and the runners begin at Newlands and follow the main road all the way down to Muizenberg, along the False Bay coast, through Fish Hoek ,crossing the peninsula to Noordhoek, up Chapman's Peak, through Hout Bay, down Constantia Nek and back into Newlands......a grueling 56 km!

I was amazed by the numbers of "older " men and woman taking part. Some of the runners at the back were looking as if they may not make it too much further....we were at the 8km mark, so a very long way to go still ! Some looked very serious and others smiled, waved and greeted us as they ran past, others were chatting merrily among themselves and there was a group near the back who were spurring one another on and walking while raising their arms and doing breathing exercises. I admire them for their determination and stamina. Z and I had a great time watching them and the others were sorry to have missed the event.

Spurring one another on.

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  1. This is Amazing!! I think I am going to have to add this to my list of marathons I am going to do and then you can run out and cheer me on!!!


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