Thursday, April 9, 2009

Autumn Afternoon

We experienced a glorious Cape Autumn afternoon today. A friend headed off up the Tokai biking track with some of the children while I headed into the adjacent Arboretum with 6 children.
Some of the boys ready for their ride.

The children were eager to get into the forest to play.

The boys began working as boys often do when let loose in nature.

I always find that I am nourished when out in nature....the body, soul ,heart and mind are refreshed.

There is much to be got by perching in a tree....
The children expended their energy while I sat quietly under the trees contemplating the next school term and making notes for myself. One of my goals is to spend more time outdoors in nature. It is so easy when one lives in a city not to get out there. But we are blessed in the Cape to have beach, mountain and forest all nearby so there is no excuse not to get out there! It truly is refreshing to connect with nature and enjoy Gods creation.

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