Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Yippee! Eric has started preparing the wall around the pool area to paint it before the winter sets in. I am so glad it is finally happening. Will let you see how it looks when he is done.

The kids and I have been enjoying the break from school and have been spending time with my sister and her children. We have been packing up her home as she leaves at the end of the month for Ladybrand so her husband can work there. I will miss her so much! The cousins have been enjoying each others company and they are sleeping over here tonight. They are truly making hay while the sun shines!

This afternoon the children and I spent time reading about Jesus' death and resurrection .I am always moved to tears when I read about the sacrifice Christ made for us when He was nailed to the cross. We had some meaningful conversations together and the time was precious.

Besides that, I have been busy in the kitchen making another pot of grannys famous chicken soup, baking bread and my first attempt at pickled fish!

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