Thursday, April 2, 2009

Baby day

We had the most wonderful day today with baby Eric. He is nearly 4 weeks old and has been growing well. His mommy had some things to do today and we had the pleasure of taking care of him. K and I were thrilled to have him. The boys thought he was really cute and couldn't believe how tiny he is. Z counted his toes to make sure they were all there. Above, he is wearing the beanie I knitted him...a rather bright green but a very soft and warm , cotton knit. ( I finally found something to make out of the wool I had bought 13 years ago to make J a cardigan when he was a baby!)

We gave him a bath and washed his hair. He enjoyed his bath and lay there very peacefully. After bath, it was time for a bottle and a cuddle from K. He is such a contented little baby and we hope to have the pleasure of sharing his life. He is welcome here anytime!

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  1. So I have been a slacker and haven't made it over to your blog much lately.
    Had a crazy few weeks but its all good now.
    Your pictures are amazing as always.

    Hope you and your family is all doing wonderful!!!


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