Saturday, April 18, 2009

Keepers and the week that was....

A considerable part of a moms life is spent preparing nutritious meals for the family to enjoy around the dining table. Not only a big job, but a very important one! As part of our Keepers at home group, we are teaching the girls to cook various meals. Friday afternoon was spent making cauliflower soup. The girls will be creating their very own recipe files for their own use when they become wives and mothers one day. Fun was had by all and each family had their own pot of soup for dinner.

School started up this week after a brief Easter holiday. It was just a 3 day week and a fair bit of work was achieved. J has proved to be very diligent with his self studies . He cleared his desk in preparation for his work and has made us very proud in the way he is handling his work. I thank God that he is motivated to do his work and understands that he is not doing it for me. He is taking ownership of his studies.

Z has struggled with handwriting for sometime and I have not put too much pressure on him, believing that it will fall into place and he will get there. After all he is only 8 . This week as he was writing, he said, "Mom , I think I just fainted!" I turned to him, expecting to see him looking all pale and weak ,but he sat there with a huge grin on his face pointing at his work. It was the most beautiful writing I have ever seen from him! We hugged and I praised him for his lovely work. It was such a moment of triumph for him. I am thankful he is home with me and he can develop at his own pace without the pressure of the system.

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