Thursday, August 19, 2010

Last day of being nine...

On Tuesday we had near perfect weather. It seemed as if Winter had disappeared and Spring was here to stay. With my mum still here, we took the opportunity to spend some time down at one of our favourite beaches.

My little guy played happily on the beach all afternoon, enjoying his last day of being nine. He loves the beach and will happily spend hours playing in the sand and "digging his way to China." The whales were playing in the bay and K and I took a walk along the catwalk to see if we could get a closer look at them.

On our way we found an area covered in white mussel shells. They were empty and must have been washed up by the tide into this corner between the rocks and the catwalk. She scrambled down to collect some.

On closer inspection, I was amazed to see how perfectly these shells have been created. On the right side, the shell has one little ridge, which fits perfectly into the grooves on the left side, sealing the shell.

K and I had a wonderful time chatting as we walked and I joined her in dipping our feet into the freezing cold water to cool off. Upon our return, Z was still busy playing in the sand under the watchful eye of my mum, J and Mums husband. It was a relaxed and pleasant afternoon, a perfect way to wait for a tenth birthday!

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