Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A picnic with the lions

On Sunday my brothers wife celebrated her birthday in a fun way. We headed out of the city to a Lion Park for a picnic. The lion park was established 12 years ago to provide lions in distress with a sanctuary. The park does not breed or trade their lions but rather offers them lifetime care in a safe environment. Some of these lions have been rescued from canned hunting farms or zoos.

This female lion was very interested in the children who came to visit her. I was very pleased that there were electric fences separating her from all the little ones! She left her perch in the sun and immediately came to investigate what was going on when the children walked past.

This sweet white lion cub really wanted to play with the visitors as her companion had injured his foot and was in no mood to play as lion cubs usually do. There is no petting of the cubs as the lion park feels that this is unfair to the lion cubs. I do understand their point of view but I would have loved the opportunity to cuddle this sweet cub.

Best of all , we had my mum with us and the children really enjoyed their granny's company.

We ended our picnic lunch with K's decadent choc fudge cupcakes that she had made for Aunty T's birthday party. They were simply delicious! Each flower had been hand made by K. I am so proud of her!

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