Saturday, August 7, 2010

A trip into the countryside...

This morning my dear husband had a houseful of kiddies ranging in age from from 8 to 15, while a couple of moms and myself took a trip out into the countryside. It was just what I needed and I felt the stress of the last while draining away as we headed out onto the open road. The canola fields put on a brilliant display of bright yellow and the arum lilies were out in full bloom too.

We were heading for the opening of Nurturing Fibres Studio!
Outside the studio this little table and colourfully draped bench just looked so inviting. We were warmly welcomed by Carle and Terri who gave up much of their time to answer all our questions.
Carle selects only the finest yarns and carefully hand dyes them. Her die lots are kept small to ensure a high standard and uniqueness to each skein.

She is inspired by nature and only dies natural fibres that are hand spun at home. The array of colours was a feast for the eyes!

I didn't even know that things like bamboo yarn and banana yarn exist! She had self striping sock wool too. Apparently one will never go back to shop bought socks after wearing a pair knitted in merino wool.
Oh my, I wished my dear sister had been with us!

Carle and Terri have invited us to come out at anytime and sit and knit with them. Carle has promised to send me some patterns and we look forward to taking our children out there to learn how to make dolls,and see the spinning and dieing of wool too.

I came home with my purchase of one ball of rich speckled sock wool with which I plan to make a very special gift. A ball of hand painted merino silk kid mohair spaghetti aran will make another equally special gift. I could not resist a bottle of orange blossom honey from Carle's bee keeping husband and a hand made card with a special message .

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  1. Oh my, I wish I had been there with you too xx


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