Friday, August 6, 2010

MTN Sciencentre Science Week

This week was National Science Week. It is an initiative of the Department of Science and Technology, which aims to excite our youth with science at an early age and to encourage them to develop an interest in studying mathematics and science subjects.
When I asked the children if they would like to ditch their books in favour of lunch out and a visit to the Sciencentre, there was no resistance whatsoever! We needed to spend some time out having a bit a of fun.

My little guy just loved these mirrors!

There were fantastic displays of the earth and plate tectonics. It was great to see some of these models since J has been studying this in his Physical Science course. Z enjoyed making earthquakes on the earthquake generator.

Some geologists were there to chat to the kids and we enjoyed the diplay of different types of rocks.

I think the most fun was had by Z and K who the opportunity to climb into an air force plane and do flight simulations. K needed no encouragement and she is now set on becoming a pilot! It didnt help that the instructor told her she was a natural! She informed me that she doesnt want a car when she is 18 but a plane....

K and Z tried out the gyroscope too. Z didnt last 30 seconds and wanted out! She took the remainder of his turn , her own, and the turn of someone else who backed out before even starting! I could barely even watch the gyroscope withut feeling ill!

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