Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bits and pieces

Life with all its happenings has being going on. The children and I have been enjoying our learning times together.
We have just finished reading The Bronze Bow together. It was one of K's literature study books which I thought would be great to read aloud. It is set in Jerusalem at the time of Christ and tells the story of one boys journey from blinding, binding hatred to his acceptance and understanding of love. An excellent read!

Here is my favourite quote from the story, " ...the only chains that matter are fear and hate, because they chain our souls. If we do not hate anyone and do not fear anyone, then we are free"

In Konos we are still doing Honour as a character trait. We have added to our attribute tree and learned much about the attributes of God, one of them being that God is omniscient, and he knows every detail about us. Below Z is seeing if he can count the hairs on his sisters head....

...and attempt to be omniscient!

We read Learn the News twice a week and I have a great resource that the children use to learn the geography of the places we learn about. They get to colour each country as we read a news article pertaining to that country.

This afternoon we took advantage of the glorious sunshine and joined a crowd of moms and kids at a nearby greenbelt for a picnic. This picnic has been happening every week for years now and it has been a long time since we have been. Z was not feeling his best and lay close to me while I stitched up my latest knitted gifts. K enjoyed nearby river and the sunshine. It was great to catch up with the regular moms and to meet a few new faces too.

The gifts are now ready to go and its time to begin a new project.

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