Wednesday, September 29, 2010

An awesome 13th birthday!

Today is our darling daughters 13th birthday. We celebrated from morning to night and all had a fantastic day together. She has looked forward to today for so long.
We woke and she opened her gifts in our bed, which is a family tradition carried over from my childhood days. I will never forget sitting between my mum and dad and and the great excitement of opening gifts on my birthday.

Hubby and I treated her to breakfast out as we had another special gift to give her. She indulged in hot chocolate and waffles and ice cream...what a way to start a birthday! She received so many calls and wishes from family and friends.
We popped into the shops before fetching the boys from Oma. More spoiling at Oma!
Once home, we waited for the cousins and aunts to arrive (more spoiling) and then went to the beach for a picnic lunch..

Boys trying so hard to get a limpet off the rocks!

Just love having my sister here!

My sweet birthday girl.

We had a wonderful time on the beach and collected some beautiful shells and spent ages enjoying the rock pools. It was wonderful to see star fish, bright pink and purple sea anemones, basket stars,sea urchins and sea snails....all the things we had been learning about in Zoology.

My little guy kept running to show me yet another treasure he had found like the slipper shell and the wentletraps that we had learned about . K spotted some brightly coloured tubeworms with their feathery tentacles waving about. We enjoyed observing them.

We strolled down Main Road Kalk Bay...a place I still long to spend a lazy day browsing....there are so many interesting shops selling all sorts!

The Ice Cafe was our destination! My what a wonderful place! We enjoyed the most delicious ice creams. We have decided it will become birthday tradition to visit the Ice Cafe.

The flavours are numerous: cherry, almond, choc mint, lemon sorbet, apricot, coconut, banana, decadent chocolate, Turkish delight and the list goes on and on!

After an amazing day out, K still wanted to go to karate and came home with more gifts.

For some reason, she loves among other gifts, she got a cow puzzle, a cow coffee mug, a cow piggy bank, a cow magnet, a cow pencil holder, a soft cow, two cow ornaments and a cow card!
Tonight her choice was homemade pizzas and having some family time.

Our sweet girl is a teen. We have two teens in the house....I have to let that sink in a bit.

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