Friday, April 20, 2012

En plein air

Last week we enjoyed a morning outdoors as K needed to complete an art project. 
It was a perfect autumn morning, in fact rather hot! 
The project was a study on an Impressionist artist of her choice, the theme being "capturing the light". 
She chose Monet, who advocated en plein air the open air.

When Z was not sitting in the shade, listening to me read from his current history book or examining lady bugs, he was the perfect artist's assistant...

He sheltered her from the hot sun, fetched refreshments from his Oma's house
and had a little fun swinging on the willow tree which no longer seems to be able to support his weight!

She enjoyed her time working outdoors but will be more careful next time to choose a shadier spot.

She also had to research Monet and copy one of his mature works of art. 
I loved seeing her face light up as she relayed to me all she had learned. She remembered various significant dates in his life time with ease and was amazed at herself being able to recall them....
a perfect example of delight directed learning!

She chose "Woman with a Parasol" as her work to copy. 

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