Saturday, April 13, 2013

Easter mini swap parcel arrived!

This week there was great excitement when we received a slip from the post office, letting us know there was a parcel for collection. I suspected it may be our Easter mini swap parcel from USA.
The younger two were eager to collect it and came back with a big box....

It was filled with all sorts of wonderful surprises. 
The family swapping with us sent an Easter card explaining their traditions at Easter. 
About a week before Easter they colour and decorate hard boiled eggs, and included in the package was an egg decorating kit which is sure to be lots of fun! 
They have an egg hunt on Easter Sunday and sent us a colourful Easter basket along with plastic eggs, each containing Reese's milk chocolate peanut butter mini eggs....yum yum!
Perfect for our own egg hunt!

Their children made us some cute stained glass egg decorations and we received a beautiful Easter flag. These are typically used to decorate homes in the USA at Easter time. 
The Peeps marshmallow bunnies and chicks were sent specially since they are made in the next town on from this family's town. 

Much to the kid's delight there was also a pack of Jelly Belly jelly beans!
It was a great midweek surprise and we are thankful to the kind family from USA who swapped with us, as well as Worldwide Culture Swap for matching us up.

Culture Swapper

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