Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Last of March

              This past week has been filled with the gift of family and friendship.

Day 26
1389) precious moments and heart to hearts with my sister who arrived from the farm last night
1390) our children, all so grown, laughing and reminiscing of days gone by...

1391) delicious gifts from the farm...her home-made cheese and her apricot jam, gem squash freshly picked from the fields and walnuts from the trees and sweet honey from her husband's hives 
1392) calling our mum and chatting to her and our other sister who is visiting her
1393) delicious meal shared with extended family tonight

Day 27
1394) a house-full of boy cousins today
1395) my sweet daughter making them all pancakes at lunch time
1396) her wonderful report for her 1st term of art

Day 28
1397) treated to lunch out today by my kind friend
1398) gift of forgiveness and moving forward 

Day 29
1399) beautiful worship and communion shared with believers this Good Friday in remembrance of Him
1400) encouragement from my dear sweet sister 
1401) fresh crisp mountain air, cousins young and old catching up as we walked and talked

Day 30
1402) a day of just being....resting and relaxing
1403) wonderful evening of family togetherness at my dad, crazy cousins, good food and fun had by all

Day 31
1404) a gift heard : Easter celebration service hearing again the good news that He is risen indeed
1405) a gift held...in my heart the message that I am His beloved
1406) wonderful relaxed lunch with hubby's parents 

Day 2
1407) spending time with my sister today, each moment precious as her time to leave draws closer
1408) crazy, loud, happy, beautiful young people filling our home until late this evening as my teens entertained their friends

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