Monday, April 15, 2013

Grateful thanks...

Thankful for blessings from above....

Day 9
a gift hiding, held, heard
1420) hiding among the pine needles, numerous pine cones, collected today with a friend for our winter fires
1421) held, a huge bag of almost new clothes passed on to my youngest
1422) heard, laughter that made me laugh more and my youngest two chattering away and enjoying each others company

Day 10
1423) hugs from my youngest
1424) help with  dinner from my eldest
1425) happy fun with my baby nephew again tonight

Day 11
3 gifts budding / blooming
1426) flowers on my granadilla vine, promises of more granadillas to enjoy
1427) our beautiful daughter growing in the knowledge of our Heavenly father and blooming into a beautiful young woman with a heart after God
1428) our two young men growing in Him too

Day 12
a gift worn
1429) thankful for old and comfy furry boots keeping my feet warm on these cold evenings
1430) wondeful and long overdue mom and daughter time today with my girl
1431) thankful for a bakkie load of beautiful mulch for the garden, given away by a local school

Day 13
1432)  day with no agenda...time out after a crazy busy week
1433) always a gift and a blessing.....conversations with my farm sister

Day 14
 gifts found looking up
1434) beautiful and warm sunny sky this autumn day
1435) looking up and knowing that even through the storms, He is Lord of all

Day 15
1436) thankful for friends lifting kids where needed today
1437) thankful for my daughter's cheerful help in the kitchen tonight

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