Monday, April 29, 2013

Much to be thankful for...

Nothing is a is all a gift. 

Day 23
1453) gift reflecting...
reflecting on my childhood days and the way my mum always wrote a little note or put flowers on my bedside table, precious memories
1454) reading this today, " I know that You can do all things, and that no purpose of Yours can be thwarted..." Job
1455) celebrating a friends birthday, lots of laughter and breakfast with the girls
1456) treated by my dear friend to take out dinner

Day 24
gifts fragile
1457) my life, feeling fragile at the moment but thankful and blessed by caring family and friends
1458) my friends who are fragile due to their own particular circumstances too, 
good to share and care and even laugh together despite whatever we each face

Day 25
1459) a gift cloth.. a " passed on" top I enjoyed wearing today

Day 26
1460) blessed to bring joy to a sweet young stranger in hospital on her 13th birthday
1461) my little nephew spending the afternoon with me and bringing me joy
1462) thankful to have taken the plunge and defeated my fear of taking a turn in a bubble ball....
hearty laughter and enormous fun
1463) heart stopping and speechless thanks for a kind gift from a dear friend

Day 27
1464) seeing my little nephew enjoy his long awaited 2nd birthday Barney party
1465) time out, just me and hubby
1466) complimentary aquarium tickets won by my youngest tonight

Day 28
1467) Sunday afternoon relaxed braai with friends, celebrating their new home and a birthday
1468) our boys piled onto our bed and relaxing and chatting with hubby and me tonight

Day 29
gifts in dirt
1469) seeds popping through the soil with the promise of a harvest
1470) peace and quiet as I tend my little veg patch and potter about
1471) laughter as we learned together today
1472) thankful for chats with my sweet girl this evening 

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