Monday, April 22, 2013

Remaining thankful

Keeping faith and remaining thankful.....

Day 16
1438) thankful for time with my cute almost two year old nephew... laughing as he strings words together and tells his big cousins what they should be doing!

Day 17
1439) thankful for a safe hour round trip in stormy weather this afternoon
1440) thankful for a "left over " dinner on this busy day

Day 18
1441) encouragement and listening ears today when I needed them most

Day 19
1442) beautiful weather and a wonder filled school outing with my youngest
1443) celebrating our youngest's graduation at the Chaeli Campaign, evening filled with happy laughter and youngsters who have worked well over the last year to make a difference in the lives of others

Day 20
1444) chatting with my mum
1445) time out with my girl at her art school's market day
1446) grateful thanks that hubby was here when an intruder entered our property, thankful that no harm came to anyone

Day 21
1447) beautiful autumn day....solitary walk on the beach, time alone with my thoughts and God

1448) free baristers course today, fun to learn something new and an opportunity to serve others
1449) hubby making dinner for us when I wasn't feeling too good

Day 22
1450) connecting with my tween son
1451) delightful sounds of guitars and giggling as my son taught his young students this afternoon

1452) my dear sister's caring calls


  1. Wendy,

    Nice to meet you. :) I'm stopping by from Ann's Monday link up. How fun to peek into your gift counting today. Thanks.

    Jennifer Dougan

    1. Lovely to meet you too! Look forward to your blog updates :)


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