Monday, August 26, 2013

Monday's Multitudes

The week seems to have flown by...
There is much to be thankful for....

1715) wonderful surprise in my inbox this morning, won a voucher for dinner at a restaurant
1716) hubby and our 18 year old preparing a delicious dinner tonight
1717) our 3 teens happily playing playing card games for hours
1718) the helping hands and willingness of my dear family to help out with tasks I can't do because of my broken finger
1719) school done in the comfort and coziness of my warm bed because it's freezing cold out there
1720) an evening together, just me and hubby
1721) conversations with a far away friend
1722) my girl restored to health after a week long bout of high temperatures and hacking coughs
1723) time with my sweet 13 year old boy who has a wacky sense of humor who makes me smile and laugh
1724) time out with a friend I have not seen in a while
1725) the 2 younger kids and I enthralled by the antics at the circus, lots of life giving laughter and fun
1726) blessing of books given away by a friend
1727) partaking in breaking of bread
1728) much needed rest
1729) a productive morning in the kitchen with the kids
1730) winning a prize again today, a recipe book and R500 worth of product :)
1731) our 3 kids and a friend playing games together, lovely to listen to the laughter
1732) a wonderful exercise class, first in a while, oh so good for the body, mind and soul
1733) wonderful to have caught up with family over the weekend, long distance calls that are so precious


  1. Visiting from Ann's! Where are you from that it is freezing outside?! We are still in a hot August although it's been mild for us this year. It's 87 degrees right now. Blessings to you as you continue to look for God's hands at work around you!

    1. Thanks Stephani for popping by. Freezing in CT means anything that is cooler than about about 10...not really freezing :)


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