Saturday, August 10, 2013

Mini Summer Swap

Despite being winter here, we decided to join up for Worldwide Culture Swap's mini summer swap. 
Mini swaps are fun, inexpensive and easy to take part in!
 Just pick 3 to 4 items representing summer in your country or your family.
 What do you enjoy doing, seeing, eating or playing with?

We sent some black mussel shells from one of our favourite beaches, 
Fish Hoek beach, represented in the pictures.
The paper bag depicts our beautiful Table Mountain, and as we love to picnic in the summer, we sent some cute straws and S.A flags to decorate picnic snacks.
The pack would not have been complete without some "proudly South African" Safari dried fruit.
We look forward to receiving our pack from USA.

Culture Swapper

Thank you Worldwide Culture Swap for this fun mini swap.


  1. Hi Wendy! What a cute idea, I have never heard of this before. I hope you get some fun things back in the mail. That's the kind of mail you don't mind getting.

    The mail with the bills in them...that's not fun at all!

    Happy Saturday!

    1. It's such fun to send and receive the packs :) Kids love it too as big as they are!

  2. So cool, Wendy! We are eagerly awaiting our packages which are slowly making their way across the globe!! x Freya


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