Monday, August 5, 2013

Little things to be thankful for...

1656) gift from far away....seeds arriving for my veg garden from my far away farm sister
1657) girl friends evening out...freebies, fun and laughter
1658) my sweet daughter working long and hard to make delicious cup cakes for her brother's birthday
1659) celebrating our son's 18th birthday....special memories made with family and friends
1660) Christmas in July dinner hosted by my mom in law on his 18th, wonderful family time together
1661) my youngest winning a 3DS
1662) a gift fresh...beautiful rains sent from above
1663) a day resting and with no agenda
1664) gift youngest and I spending a productive morning enjoying school together
1665) a sweet friend treating me to lunch out at one of my favourite places
1666) a home school dad giving up his time to teach the youngsters basketball and not charging for the lessons
1667) my dear new friend visiting and the two of us spending time working on our mosaic projects
1668) my oldest son making a delicious 3 course dinner for the family to enjoy
1669) good sound advice and guidance from someone I trust
1670) finding party pack treats at very reasonable prices
1671) a gift eaten...hubby making dinner, giving me a night off
1672) a wonderful 13th birthday party for our youngest, stress and fuss free morning of fun at the Science Centre surrounded by his friends
1673) perfect sunny weather and an outdoor afternoon enjoyed at another birthday party, wonderful to connect with friends
1674) a late evening visit and from a sweet friend
1675) a gift voice heard and understood
1676) early morning chat with my farm sister
1677) Sunday morning breakfast with my Dad
1678) another birthday celebration, delicious food and wonderful company
1679) a gift outside...a neighbourhood stroll and chatter with my sweet girl, hearing the birds chirp, seeing and smelling the beautiful flowers that seem to think it is already spring
1680) a gift inside....the heady scent of jasmine that we picked on our stroll


  1. What fun to read your list! And get a glimpse of your beautiful family. As of yesterday, I'm the mom of two teens, too. So many gifts in the journey! Blessings from a fellow gift-counter!

    1. Lovely to meet you Alicia, thanks for stopping by :) So many gifts, yes!

  2. Hi Wendy! How wonderful that you have so much to be grateful for...a real witness to God's love in your life. I especially liked the one about 'my voice heard and understood'. Who doesn't crave to be understood?

    Good to see you again!

  3. Lovely of you to stop by Ceil. Yes, being heard and understood is so good :) A new learning curve for me as so often it is easier to just keep quiet.
    Have a wonderful week!


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