Monday, August 26, 2013


We recently discovered Postcrossing, a fun new way for us to learn about other cultures and geography too.
The idea is that you send a postcard to another postcrosser in the world and once your postcard has been received and registered, you will get a postcard from somewhere else in the world.

You may ask why we like this idea?
Simply put, it's fun to pick out beautiful postcards depicting our home country and more fun to receive surprise snail mail....
 and we may even receive mail from places we have never heard of before!

Here are some interesting stats about Postcrossing:
428103 members
213 countries
361 postcards/hour
18888263 postcards received
97937879322 km traveled
2443865 laps around the world

We sent our first postcard to a young Russian lady living in Germany, and studying history there. Our postcard traveled 9496 km to reach her. It was good to hear she had received it and she sent us a sweet message thanking us and telling us it was her first postcard from South Africa. 
We also received a mail telling us the postcard has been chosen as a favorite by another member. 
We look forward to more Postcrossing fun and learning a little about the world around us.

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  1. Thanks for link. Will check out post crossings.


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