Thursday, August 15, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Small

Small...yes the small things do count. All those small things stitched together that make a difference. I want my three to know that these things matter in life. The small gesture to help another, the friendly smile, the small change in tone of voice. Small things like please and thank you and how can I help? Small things like a friendly thank you note or responding to a text message once you have received it....
small things that maketh a man or a woman. 
Small change that helped that homeless person get shelter for the night or a loaf of bread. That seemingly small thing that meant so much to another and made such a  great difference. 
Small things like doing something that is unexpected or required....yet brings joy to another or eases their daily load. Small things that add up and make a big difference. 
What small thing can you do today? 

"Unscripted, unedited, real" Lisa- Jo Baker
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  1. Hi Wendy! I did a post much like yours...gotta love the small. Especially the small things we can do for each other.

    Like visiting you today! Nice to see you again :)


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