Monday, October 14, 2013

Always, yes always...

There is always something to be thankful for. 
No matter what the days bring, seek out the good and that for which you can be thankful for. 
Over the last week, a busy one, there has been much to be thankful for.

1797) two free gazania plants from the nursery
1798) a morning run and swim at the beach before school, thankful that we have the freedom to do so
1799) thankful that so many are keeping my boy in their prayers as he writes final exams
1800) thankful for a lift to and from exams today for him
1801) thankful that today's practical exam went well
1802) hubby's helping hands at dinner when I was not feeling too well
1803) catching up with a special friend when she needed a friend
1804) pizza for dinner, a treat
1805) gift of change...spring, a beautiful season of growth and change,
 loving my garden and the daily changes
1806) a gift small...snippets of time on the weekend to just be, and get lost in creating with mosaics
1807) a gift read...a message from my Mum, just perfect timing, must be mother's intuition!
1808) good to be in church this morning
1809) thankful for the gift of granadillas
1810) my sweet two year old nephew phoning me to say hello because I wasn't in when they popped by... so cute and heart warming
1811) winning another prize today 
1812) time out with my girl when she needed it....
a stroll in a local garden, pretty poppies for her and a visit to an art exhibition
1813) my girl cooking dinner tonight, a blessing to have a night off
1814) the sounds of laughter... my three and hubby enjoying being together
1815) beautiful scent of sweet-peas and lavender freshly picked from my garden this evening


  1. Love your list and thanks for visiting my blog! Blessings to your week!

  2. Jumped over from Ann's and I loved being in church yesterday as well! Always good to hear the word preached and experience geniune fellowhip .... have a wonderful week! Blessings, Beth


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