Monday, October 21, 2013

Grateful thanks

Despite the mundane daily tasks and anything that may be going on, 
there is always something to be grateful for....

1816) harvesting from my little veg garden, a delight to pick things to add to our evening meals
1817) reading aloud to my younger two teens, thankful they still enjoy it
1818) great progress made in helping my eldest study for his upcoming English exam
1819) a forgotten chocolate discovered in the cupboard, shared and enjoyed
1820) a surprise visit from my sweet baby nephew and his dad
1821) thankful to find just the right color mosaic tiles I need for an order, yes I am getting orders!
1822) my dear gentle and sweet friend stopping by, lovely to catch up with her this evening
1823) my sweet girl making us all french toast for lunch
1824) neighborhood braai this evening, kids loud and full of energy, 
wonderful to see them so happy and care free
1825) friends enjoying an afternoon braai here, lovely to catch up with them

1826) my precious 2 year old nephew sleeping over...

....giggles and laughs, 
his cute husky little voice stringing sentences together,
 baby kisses and cuddles and stories,
 and a full night slept through!
1827) a good long afternoon nap just when it was needed
1828) hubby helping me make dinner when it was getting late and I was not in the mood for cooking
1829) a Sunday call from my mum
1830) sushi shared with my girl
1831) left overs for dinner, a blessing as we got in late
1832) a gift read...a reminder that He is always working, yes always

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