Monday, October 7, 2013

Giving thanks

There is much to be thankful for each day...

1781) another beautiful spring day beach walk...

crunchy sand underfoot,
 light ocean breezes, 
sun on my back,
 gulls crying overhead, 
beautiful shells collected,
 crazy dog 
two energetic teens

1782) thankful my boy is in the team for basketball tomorrow, happy to see him happy
1783) wonderful to hear from my big sister tonight

1784) gifts orange and red... 

.... beetroot plucked fresh from the earth and colorful poppies from a nearby farm

1785) messages sent and received, wonderful to be connected to family though they are far away
1786) hubby making a braai midweek, a night off cooking for me
1787) my beautiful friend treating my girl and I to brunch at the seaside today
1788) treasured memories, shared laughter and tears with my dear friend
1789) a wonderful pj party with about 40 teens here...loud, lots of laughter and great fun and games
1790) my brother and his family popping in
1791) beautiful bright red and orange flowers given to my daughter and shared with me
1792) summer seeds gifted by my dad
1793) grateful thanks for the lift out to exams from his Opa for my boy today
1794) a gift eaten...dinner by hubby as we were in late from Afrikaans lessons this evening
1795) long chat over the weekend with my far away and much missed Mum 
1796) beautiful compliment that meant so much today 

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