Thursday, October 10, 2013

International Currency Exchange for Children and Youth

We recently signed up for an international currency exchange. 
We enjoy discovering more about other countries and cultures and this seemed to be a fun way to add something new to our learning.
Once signed up, one exchanges coins and paper currency with a family in a different country.
 Participants can send one piece of currency or as many as they like.

The kids enjoyed receiving currency from USA , Peurto Rico and a Mexican coin.
 Maps were pulled out to discover exactly where our coins had traveled from . We looked up information on pennies, nickles, dimes, quarters and dollars. We discovered who was represented on the various coins and what made them famous enough to be represented. I was pleasantly surprised by their knowledge of  the various American Presidents but then again, a lot of the curriculum we have used over the years has been American. 

We put together sets of South African coins along with a key-chain that has the SA flag and all the SA paper currency on it. 

These are winging their way to the families that kindly exchanged with us. 

The kids found it interesting and we had great discussions around foreign exchange and coin collecting, otherwise known as the "hobby of kings". 

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