Monday, October 28, 2013

Good gifts

Every good and perfect gift is from above. 
They are there, you just have to find them....

1833)  Gifts enjoyed : another evening with my cute nephew, always a blessing to have him here
1834) an evening with my daughter, just the two of us enjoying a beautiful movie together
1835) Gift accomplished : sorting out years worth of books and managing to sell some for a neat little profit
1836) receiving a lovely goody bag with all sorts of treats
1837) winning a watch in a lucky draw
1838) my dad popping in with bags of dog food just when we had run out, a blessing
1839) my teens lounging on my bed and chatting and laughing with me
1840) hubby making us burgers tonight, a night off for me
1841) a wonderful afternoon tea celebrating a birthday with girlfriends, lots of laughter
1842) nature club outing enjoyed... soul food and good company at the end of a busy week
1843) thankful for unexpected orders this week
1844) thankful for wise decisions my daughter has made, blessed to see her growing into a beautiful young lady with a heart after God
1845) brisk beach walk with my younger two, great for calming the mind
1846) a gift strong : my husband, ever stable
1847) reminded of and resting in the knowledge that my childrens'  futures are in His hands
1848) gift in Christ: grace .... undeserved but given
1849) delicious celebratory birthday breakfast for my brother, lovely to have 3 generations of family together
1850) gift enjoyed: family fun time out in nature again, beautiful fynbos on the mountainside, a cool mountain waterfall, soul food!
1851) blessed time in church this evening
1852) answered prayers
1853) gift from a friend, black kale plants for my veg garden

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