Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Nature Club and the Littlewort Trail

Last Friday we joined our nature club on an outing to the Littlewort Trail in Newlands Forest.
 It has been a while since we joined the monthly nature club outing and it was a great end to a somewhat stressful and busy week.


The trail starts just above the Newlands Forestry and Fire Station. It was designed as an educational trail to introduce children to the ecology of a forest and our leader had copious notes on the trail and regarding the area of each marker.

The first marker being the Cork Oak Grove.

The group was rather large and I didn't manage to keep up with the leader and hear the information on each marker.

The views of the mountain were splendid.

At one point the path took us alongside a hedge of dense Wild Almonds. Apparently this was part of Van Riebeeck's hedge, planted around 1659. It was planted as a defensive barrier to prevent cattle and sheep being driven through by the neighboring Khoikhoi.

Our national tree, the Yellowwood was seen too.

We reached the stone bridge and waterfall and the kids, from little ones to teens, had a wonderful time scampering about in the stream, climbing trees and just being kids!
Moms and tiny babes enjoyed the shade and spread out picnic blankets and had a good old natter. 
On the way down, I discovered other walkers with dogs...
I know our crazy dog will just love this walk and so I plan to take him there soon!

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