Monday, September 29, 2014

Monday's Multitudes

Thanks living...

connecting with our connect group
my precious nephew and his delightful conversations
generosity of my sister in law
my dear farm sister and her son arriving safely after a long bus trip from the farm
gifts in conversation: cousins catching up after months of not having seen one another
generosity of my sweet sister
farm cheese and other yummy home made delicacies from the farm
my kind and generous neighbour
my nephew spoiling me with sweet treats
smiles on my sweetpea's face today after a few tough days
coffee delivered to my bedside by hubby at dawn
fun evening with friends we have not seen in a while
family here, tots to teens having fun, good food, good times
thankful for our awesome pastor and the wonderful celebratory service today
ice creams and beach walks, my sister beside me, cousins having a blast on the beach
lunch with my oldest, just the two of us
my sweetie finding just what she needed in the shop
chats with my Mum
an unexpected warm greeting
friends and family celebrating our gorgeous niece's birthday together
watching the teens have a blast dancing and laughing
hospitality shown
my sister's gentle ways
enjoying seeing the boy cousins have a great time
my sister popping in with a tasty lunch for us to share
my neighbor blessing us with dinner
time exploring with my sister and my brother and his family
wonderful birthday party for my niece and my daughter, blessed that they have beautiful friends
family that cares
our precious girl, her 17th birthday today
mom and daughter massages, prizes won
pizza evening thanks to another prize won


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