Saturday, September 6, 2014

Weekly Wrap-Up: The Colorful One

As I mentioned last week, Keren was picked as a hair model for Allilon's hair show.
 She spent all of Sunday there and came home looking like this...

She was one of the first models to be chosen by the team of hairdressers....
 I think it was because she willing to be daring and allow them to do WHAT EVER they wanted with her hair...

On Monday she had to be at the Baxter at 6 AM. 
They had dress rehearsals and they cut her hair on stage.
She was there all day and came home looking like this...

She had a fantastic, fun filled day modelling and meeting new people!

She loves her new colorful haircut and has been enjoying the different ways she can style it. 
She was paid cash, given product vouchers and hair styling vouchers too!
She kindly blessed me with a hair voucher and I went and had my hair done yesterday. 

We babysat on Tuesday...

Photo: Zak in 7th heaven! Babysitting Poppet :)

It was a little difficult for Zak to stay focused on school work and I think he fell in love with this furry little baby! 

Looming has made it's way into our home this week and Zak has spent many hours learning to make colorful new designs.

 Good for fine motor development I am sure!

On Wednesday we had a refreshing morning walk with a friend before school. 

Lovely to walk, talk and enjoy the fresh pine scented morning air.

Keren has been working on her life orientation project this week. She had to research an issue and partake in  community service. She chose the issue of litter, and the pollution it causes within our suburb. We often walk our dog in this particular area and she had noticed the litter on this beautiful piece of open land.

Love the spring flowers popping up everywhere!

She organized her connect group to help clean up the nearby conservation area last Saturday and so killed two birds with one stone as they had service week too.

The kids, armed with plastic bags, spent a number of hours picking up litter. It was great to hear that passer by encouraged them by hooting and giving a thumbs up.

On Friday Zak enjoyed a home school outing to Acrobranch. 

He was somewhat nervous at the start as it is an aerial tree experience, involving obstacles, moving walkways, Tarzan swings and zip lines !

Courage, coordination, a little craziness and adrenaline needed!

These two had a laughing fit way up there on a cargo net!
 Thank goodness for their harnesses!

The boys managed to get through 2 of the courses twice each in the two hours allocated. I am sure that is more than enough time as it is physically challenging. 

Certainly a lot of fun but not for the faint hearted!

A lovely week, how was yours?

Weekly Wrap-Up


  1. Wow! You all have an adventurous week. Great way to start off the school year. I'm visiting from Weekly Wrap Up.


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