Sunday, September 28, 2014

Weekly Wrap-Up: The Festive One

On Monday my eldest was working from home. It was great having him home and the two us enjoyed lunch out together, a rare treat, and wonderful to have alone time with him. It was his birthday treat from his Gran and lovely of him to share it with me. 

Monday evening was loads of fun!
We had a great big get together with family and friends at a braai to celebrate my niece's 19th birthday. Most of these kiddos have known one another since birth. Its wonderful to see them all growing up.

It was the first time we have been together in years on her birthday!

Keren wrote some term tests this week and been working long hours creating her candyland outfit the joint birthday party she and my niece are having on Saturday. 

There was little school for Zak this week as his cousin was still visiting from the farm .

 But we enjoyed planting our spring seeds, perfect timing as he is studying botany at the moment.

On Tuesday a friend, Zak and his cousin went go karting, an early birthday gift for his cousin.

The boys had a blast racing around the track !

Wednesday was Heritage day here in S.A. otherwise known as National Braai Day and hubby had the day off. Keren worked despite the fact it was a public holiday and she got her hair redone with one of her vouchers from the hair show.

I love the rich colour!

 Zak left on an adventure with his second cousins....
a four day trip to the Breede River, lucky boy!

They stayed in this beautiful house.

Had fun in the Jacuzzi!

And the great outdoors....

He had an absolute blast and came home happy and tired on Saturday.

Thursday my sister popped in for an impromptu visit and brought us the most delicious lunch to share. It has been wonderful having her here and spending time with her.
Friday she and my niece popped in again and took Keren off to get fabric for her party outfit. 

It was a whirlwind kind of a week, culminating with the girls joint party on Saturday night. The guests all dressed up in something beginning with the first letter of the name.

The pirate, Zorro and Katy Perry!

 There must have been 70 or more happy and loud teens and it was loads of fun!
 Eating, dancing, laughing and celebrating! 

Weekly Wrap-Up


  1. Looks like a great week! I like the costume idea. And I was about to ask you what Braai was. ;)

    1. The costumes were such fun! A braai is a barbecue :)

  2. It was awesome to be a part of your week. I love you.


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