Monday, September 1, 2014

Monday's Multitudes

It is good to give thanks...

a good night sleep for a change
conversations with my far away farm sister
my sweet friend who messages me every day to say hi and ask how I am
winning again! 2 tickets to Cape Homemakers Expo
my cheery niece popping in
an afternoon with my cute nephew
nebuliser helping to relieve my boy's tight chest
connecting with ladies in my connect group
fire crackling and warming us as it storms outside
our daughter's excellent mid year results
a friend who is always happy to include my boy on fun outings
being the "special person" visitor at my nephew's school
knowing that my friend's daughter is safe and peacefully in the arms of Jesus
"thank you" gift from my neighbor
my sister in law cooking and bringing a delicious meal we shared together
having my brother, his wife and little guy here for the evening
sunny spring weather
wonderful afternoon at my cousin, great company, delicious food on the braai, good laughs and happy kids 
Sunday breakfast with hubby
bumping into a friend from long ago
down time, just me alone at home
gardening, always good for the soul
sun-kissed strawberries freshly picked from the garden
lemons from my mom in law's tree
good and exciting news from my farm sister
this month's verse on my calendar " The Lord will sustain you" Ps 55: 22



  1. Sunny, spring weather. Love that as you're gearing up for spring, we're calming down into fall. Lovely list as always.

  2. Not sure I am ready for the summer heat yet, have enjoyed the winter :)


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