Monday, September 29, 2014

A Visit to Oranjezicht City Farm

For the longest time I have wanted to visit the Oranjezicht City Farm nestled on the slopes beneath Table Mountain.

My sister, visiting from the Free State, managed to round us siblings up on Saturday morning for a visit. 

In the 1700's this area was part of one of the largest farms in the Table Valley. 

It is fed by perennial springs that provided water to the Company's Gardens way back when they produced fresh produce for passing ships and the colonists. 

With urbanization, the land was used for housing and later as a bowling green. 
The bowling green was unused for several decades and the City Farm was established in 2012. 

It is a non profit project that celebrates local food, culture and community.

The perfect place for my 3 year old nephew to discover and enjoy. 

I was reminded of childhood stories of Mr Mc Gregor's garden and expected Flopsy, Mopsy, Cotton tail and Peter to be hopping past any moment.

There is a  market which is open every Saturday from 9 until 2pm.

The atmosphere was vibrant and friendly.

Fresh produce from the city farm is sold as well as produce from other suppliers.

My sister bought some smoked cheese, simply delicious!

There was a variety of fresh bread 

and sweet treats 

and samosas and mini pies to mention just a few!

Everything looked and smelled delicious!

Fresh mushrooms and chilies

or beautiful flowers and so much more!

A wonderful feast for the senses!

...... and definitely worth visiting again with a full wallet!


  1. ... and best of all was the company. It was a morning to remember. Your photos are really beautiful. I love the different perspectives that you have used.

    1. yes Cath, wonderful to be with you all!


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