Thursday, March 19, 2009

Autumn is here.

This is a photo of a beautiful place called Kenmo Lake not far from where my sister lives in Kwa Zulu Natal. I would love to be there now to see Gods glory displayed as the season changes. There is a definite chill in the air this week and the evenings are darker sooner. Seven thirty at night feels really late as it is so dark by then.

Today is a quieter one as Z is not too well. He is running a temperature and his nose is all bunged up . He slept in my bedroom last night and has hardly left there today as he has been watching Animal Planet and Discovery while cuddled up with his bear "love teddy". I love that he still loves his love teddy at age 8. Who knows how long love teddy will be an important part of his life.

K and I have had a great time in the kitchen making Granny's delicious chicken soup (the verdict from J is that Granny makes it better!), cheese bread to go with the soup and macadamia and peanut butter biscuits. There is a delicious aroma of biscuits floating through the house. We had a great time talking about the power of the tongue and sharing girly talk.

J has been diligently getting on with his new maths lesson , a narration for language and some more science experiments regarding levers. I love it that I am part of their learning and am learning more each day.

We will do some reading aloud this afternoon all cuddled up on my bed. I am grateful for a king size bed where we can all pile on! Later we will have our movie night. We were supposed to have one every Thursday evening but since J started ballroom dancing, and he is not home, we just do it when we can. His dance partner is recovering from a cough and cold so I suggested they give dancing a miss this week. He is going to be doing his first karate competition in 9 days and it would not be a good idea to catch a cough and cold now.

Mmmm....Keren just brought me one of of the macadamia and peanut butter biscuits....they taste as good as they smell!

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