Sunday, March 15, 2009

Fabulous Friday

K has decided she wants to learn how to bake and cook new dishes. We started off on Friday morning with a baking session. She made some bran muffins and Irish soda bread with little help or direction from me . The result was delicious .... we had fresh bread piled with cheese, lettuce ,tomato and gherkins for lunch.

The proud baker!

In the afternoon , we headed off to meet friends. As we drove past Fish Hoek, the children noticed some fishing boats in the bay and at the beach. They were curious to see if there had been a catch. One quick call to our friends, and they came to meet us on the beach.

The children were fascinated as they watched the nets being pulled in, teeming with fish! What a catch! There were hundreds of Yellow Tail ! There was great excitement as the fishermen loaded them into the back of a bakkie for the market. Some were sold right there on the beach. I was tempted to buy one but could not face gutting and cleaning it

The children were very brave about exploring the fish...looking at the gills and touching the eyes and feeling the scales. They enjoyed the hands on experience. The girls also found a huge jellyfish which they decided needed to be rescued. It was carried back into the sea amid squeals and laughter! We spent a further hour on the beach and the children made the most of the warm day and calm , cool waters.

Hands on!

Operation Jellyfish Rescue.

I was spoiled with a beautiful bunch of flowers when Eric came home and take out pizza for dinner, a rare treat!

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  1. Seeing all those fish sounds really awesome!
    The Jelly fish also...I have always wanted to see one.

    Glad you had a good day. Also I really like your songs!!


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