Monday, March 9, 2009

The Blessing of a new baby

Perfectly and wonderfully made !

Tonight I had the pleasure of visiting our home helpers sister in hospital. She gave birth to a baby boy last night at about 6.30pm. So he was barely 24 hours old. He is such a perfect little miracle. I just love those perfectly formed little fingers and toes and could sit and watch the expressions on the face of a newborn for hours. The visiting hour went by way too fast! Mommy is doing OK but very tired as she is sharing a ward with 3 other moms, one with a set of twins, and the babes are all there with the mommies too.

I had the pleasure of changing a nappy (yes pleasure!), cleaning the cord , swaddling him and helping the new mom with breastfeeding and burping the tiny little fellow. Yes, he was only 2,3kg at birth. All that midwifery training I had years ago came in handy . Babies have always been a passion of mine. I look forward to going to their home later this week to give him his first bath. The new mommy is a little daunted by everything but I am sure she will feel better when she is in her own environment .

The parents have chosen to name him Eric, after my husband. What an honour!

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  1. Makes me broody all over again. Love Shirley


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