Monday, March 23, 2009

Wild weekend.

Well what a weekend. The children all had friends on Friday after schooling was done and the weekend seemed to get busier and busier. We had a great time but I am glad to have Monday here and a chance to get back into some routine.

J spent some time working at his ouma and oupa on Saturday as he is earning extra pocket money. It has been good to see him working for the things he wants at a young age and I am thankful they have lots of work for him to do around their home and can afford to employ him. It has been character building for him as he has had to pass up on some of the invitations his friends have made, as he has made a commitment to do the work at their home. He does this happily and usually comes home feeling tired after a days work.

We had the pleasure of a wonderful evening with friends on Saturday night. Their daughter of 3 is one of our God daughters. We had a great time catching up over a delicious braai. The children played outside late into the night with their jay boards and flopped into bed near to midnight.

Sunday,we had the privilege of going to the baptismal service of our 4th God daughter.It was a wonderful service at a nearby Anglican Church. It brought back memories of my childhood in the Anglican Church.It was mothering Sunday and the moms all received a little posy of flowers. Afterwards there was tea and cake.
We went on to pop in at friends who needed help with their Internet connection but unfortunately Eric was unable to help. As we were in the area ,we had planned to pop in at my dear younger sister. We were invited for am impromptu lunch of rolls and salads and all sorts of great toppings. The cousins were glad of a chance to spend some time together, and I was blessed with a lot of cuttings and seedlings for our garden.
The children spent the remainder of the afternoon at their Ouma and Oupa while Eric and I went to our church for the membership course. Needless to say, it was a wild but wonderful weekend.

Today brought the routine of school and extra murals and I had the chance to do some gardening and make another pot of Granny's famous chicken soup for lunch!

The children have used all the Internet time for the month so not sure how much blogging will be done until the end of the able to use Eric's computer tonight.

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